Retro Footage

Long before every nanosecond of people’s lives were digitally filmed, documented and photographed we lived in a time of analogue and a cloud of mystery. In the early days of rock and roll, to be filmed was a rarity and a privilege, not just the norm. Musicians were not filmed for interviews every other week or constantly sharing their personal lives across social media. When we got to see them in front of the camera, opening up, sharing their creative thought processes, backstage information and pieces of their personality, it was exclusive and special. There is something so sacred about those raw and natural interviews and backstage access that musicians gave pre-digital age, especially when they were at the start of their career before becoming camera savvy and media trained puppets. I’ve hand selected some of the very best to archive here…

Martha and the Muffins (1980)

Maybe they are not rock and roll legends but when it comes to one hit wonders you have to give credit where credit is due. Echo Beach is the oracle of one hit wonders, it defines and epitomises the phrase. These guys were a New Wave band from Canada, this short interview clip from Countdown (yes, Countdown) talks about how they wanted to reject the punk scene and create something different. When asked if Echo Beach exists, band member Mark explains that it’s actually fictional.

“The song deals with a state of mind. When one has a really lousy job you tend to go back to a place you have been that has been quite enjoyable. I think everybody has a place like that in their mind.”