I’m Nicole, a 26 year old northerner and self confessed old soul. You could say I’m slightly misplaced in my own generation and nostalgic for era’s I never had the pleasure to live in.

When I’m not writing or researching I’m probably vinyl hunting, buying gig tickets I can’t afford, obsessing over my cat, balancing my chakras, attempting to learn more than just the D chord on my guitar or sinking a Long Island in a bar that most definitely has a juke box.

This space is one in which you can…

  • Immerse yourself in all things musical 60s 70s 80s 90s
  • Discover new artists with retro vibes
  • Fill the vinyl void in your life by browsing over my ever-growing collection and get tips of where to locate the best independent vinyl shops. The hidden gems of our society!
  • Get your dose of: Rock ‘N’ Roll, Glam Rock, Indie, Brit Pop, Punk, Post Punk, New Wave, New Romantics, Synth Pop, Motown, Northern Soul…

Fear not, I don’t just write about all things retro, although it would seem that way! I’m a freelancer and sometimes do remember the year is 2020, so if you like my style you can commission me. I’m available for editorial of all kinds, feature writing, music reviews, SEO blog posts, business website content and social media account management. You can click the menu to see some work in my portfolio.

P.S. Instagram is my main scene, catch me on there @lostinseventynine