5 reasons why modern chart music is shit

Do you ever just switch on the radio and feel your eyes do a backwards summersault into your skull? It’s poor isn’t it, the garbage being played on Radio One, don’t even get me started on Capital. Some people just accept it, some have grown up with it and don’t know any different and some (aka me) analyse the hell out of what happened in the last few decades to bring us to the monotonous noise we have to endure in 2020. Here’s 5 reasons why modern chart music is shit…

1. It lacks craftsmanship. Almost anyone can do it. You don’t need a fancy recording studio, a wad of cash and some expensive instruments. You just need a laptop, a few free apps and the internet. Up and coming bands could churn several tracks out in one afternoon if they fancied it. It lacks the process, the tailoring, the gigging, the practice, the perfecting, the character building and the real life experience it once did. Artists don’t have to write the quality, poignant lyrics they once did or really master their instrument, they don’t have to slog it out trying to catch a break being discovered at some low-key gig. They just have to have enough followers on Instagram and a half decent voice and be willing to sing about bitches, cars and money.

2. Digital is not tangible. I mean, the sheer smell of a record shop gives me a whole host of emotions, excitement, nostalgia, curiosity. So, when you actually get to rummage through a library of tracks and then leave with your own physical copy of something, it will never compare to just clicking download on Spotify. Having a record, CD or even a tape collection is really satisfying, the album covers themselves are often art! Small slices of history you can hold in your home. The price of them also adds to their value and appreciation we hold for them too! You can just Youtube any chart song for free now-a-days. It’s not the same.

3. Autotune. Please can we just go back analogue? There’s nothing original about an autotuned voice, with the personality, the husk, the quirks and the imperfections completely drained out of it. It lacks charisma and charm. It’s really difficult to see and appreciate the talent of an artist when their tracks are autotuned and their music is perfectly, digitally synchronised. We become detached and disconnected from it. The great thing about music in the 60s, 70s, 80’s and even 90’s was the variety, not just in the genre but the voices, traits and characterises of bands and artists singing voices. Individuality was celebrated. Now all chart music generally sounds the same, people who technically are very different artists sound awkwardly similar. 

4. Over exposure (aka the internet) All you have to do is type in #newtrack on social media and your faced with a constant influx of internet artists showcasing their talents. If you want to listen to anyone half decent you’ll have to sift through some pretty questionable stuff first. Yeah, it’s nice to see loads of up and coming artists, who are a little rough around the edges, showcasing their thing, but there’s just sooo many of them! Pre-digital age we’d only see new artists at open-mic nights, on tv-talent shows, busking, in coffee shops or as warm up acts for gigs. Only being exposed to new artists in particular scenarios was so much more refreshing and you can bet we would of found them way more impressive. It’s like anything, if too much of something is pushed in our faces, we’re not interested.

5. Lack of mystery. When an artist would first burst onto the scene in the 60’s 70s or 80’s you literally knew nothing about them. You had to tune in and listen to the information given about them in a commentary on Top of The Pops. They might give an interview in Smash Hits, maybe a Radio Segment or if you were really lucky they were on prime time TV on some sort of Saturday night interview. You were limited. I feel like sometimes that can drive the obsession and the craze. Now, artists are over exposed. We practically know their blood-type before they’re even signed because they’ve been posting everything about themselves on Instagram since they were 12. There is no cloud of smoke and intrigue.   

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Now, artists are overexposed. We practically know their blood-type before they’re even signed because they’ve been posting everything about themselves on Instagram since they were 12. #5reasonswhymodernchartmusicisshit #chartmusicisshit #lostinseventynine

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  1. I fucking hate it when people insist on putting the radio on capital fm. They just play the same shit over and over. It’s even more irritating when whoever listens to it decides it has to be really loud. A few months ago I had no earphones for about 4 weeks when I was at work and the radio was always on capital, it was like I was in Hell.

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