Anemoia is a completely made up word. Technically, all words are made up but that’s a social constructionism rabbit hole we don’t really need to head down. The point is anemoia is distinctly quirky and unique, as of yet it holds no legitimate place within the English language. It only really exists on a website named ‘The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows‘ created by John Koenig as apart of a niche art project dedicated to naming complex existential emotions which are yet to be coined a term to describe them.

It’s a word used to explain a feeling, a kind of wanderlust emotion but instead of longing for a certain destination, it’s the yearn for a previous time, an era or decade you were never apart of. It’s creator formulated the word using a part of the ancient Greek word, Anemosis, which is when a tree is warped by strong air currents until it seems to bend backward, leaning into the wind.

How is all this relevant? Well…You might have felt this obscure wave of emotion whilst looking at a retro photograph, viewing some historic footage or more significantly hearing an old song for the first time.

If you have ever felt this bittersweet pang of sadness, knowing you were never apart of a certain decade, rode the wave of a specific historic movement or have been overly concerned with the fact you never felt the electrifying buzz of a previous generation that was entering an exciting new age of sound… then you have experienced anemoia and you are in the right place.

This space will explore and celebrate the music, movements, genres, iconic musicians and artists of previous glorified decades with a main focus on the 1970’s and 1980’s. As for the lucky ones who were around in these times, then here is a place you can bask in the ambience of yesteryear.

Here, you can follow the journey of bands who were at the forefront of these generations, particularly, the ones that are still touring today. Although we may not have been there at the beginning or even in their heyday we can be there at the end, as they draw their artistic journey to a close.

You will be able to find new up and coming artists who have been hugely influenced by music of the past, who are creating new material with a nod to iconic, retro sounds helping to sooth any anemoia and fill that nostalgic void you may feel…